Yuav tsum Pom Cov Chaw hauv San Diego, California

Best known as a family friendly city of America, the city of San Diego situated on the Pacific Coast of California is known for its pristine beaches, favourable climate and numerous family friendly attractions, with everything from unique museums, galleries and immense parks and gardens situated at every corner of the city.

With year-round pleasant weather and lots of fun places to be around, this could easily be the first choice for a family vacation in the United States.

ESTA US Visa is an electronic travel authorization or travel permit to visit United States for a period of time upto 90 days and visit San Diego, California. International visitors must have a US ESTA to be able to visit San Diego's many attractions. Foreign citizens can apply for an Kev Thov Vixaj Meskas nyob rau hauv cov teeb meem ntawm feeb. ESTA US Visa txheej txheem yog kev siv tshuab, yooj yim, thiab ua tiav online.

Tus Dej Hiav Txwv San Diego

Up-close marine life encounters with world class animal shows, Seaworld San Diego is fun unlimited for people of all ages. A theme park with rides, ib Oceanarium, ib thoob dej yug ntses thiab ib tug marine tsiaj txhu chaw ua si, this is an all in one place where you can explore the wonderful world of ocean. Located inside the beautiful Mission Bay Park, the place's one of the most exquisite attractions is an opportunity to get to interact with penguins, dolphins and loads of other wonderful sea animals.

Tus Dej Hiav Txwv San Diego SeaWorld San Diego yog lub tiaj ua si tsiaj, oceanarium

San Diego vaj tsiaj

San Diego vaj tsiaj San Diego Zoo yog lub vaj tsiaj nyob hauv Balboa Park tsev nyob ntau dua 12,000 tsiaj

Nyob rau hauv lub Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo feem ntau tau muab npe ua qhov zoo tshaj plaws hauv lub ntiaj teb. Housing more than 12000 animals in its cageless, open air surroundings, there are several good reasons to visit this place for its rare wildlife species. The zoo is known to be specifically famous for its largest breeding colonies of Koalas outside Australia, including other endangered species like Penguins, Gorillas and the Polar Bears.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Located in the San Pasqual Valley area of San Diego, the safari park is spread in around 1,800 acres, focussing on wildlife from Teb chaws Africa thiab Asia. Within the park's large field enclosures with freely roaming wildlife the sanctuary offers safari tours giving a glimpse of its ntau pua hom tsiaj African thiab Asian. The park is located near Escondido, California, is itself a beautiful place outside the very populated city and is also known to be one of the oldest cities in San Diego County.

Ib lub nroog ci ntsa iab nrog kev vibrance ntawm txhua teev ntawm ib hnub, tsis muaj Daim Ntawv Teev Npe uas tuaj yeem qhia koj tias qhov chaw twg mus ncig hauv New York ntawm nws ntau qhov chaw tshwj xeeb. Yuav tsum Pom Cov Chaw hauv New York, Asmeskas

Balboa Chaw Ua Si

Balboa Chaw Ua Si Balboa Park yog 1,200-evkawj keeb kwm nroog kev coj noj coj ua hauv San Diego

Apart from housing the famous San Diego Zoo, the park is one place where nature, culture, science and history all come together, making it an incredible and a must see park in the city. The park's green belts, vegetation zones, gardens and museums galore, stunning architecture from Spanish colonial revival and everything from exhibits on space travel, automobiles and science, all of this clearly makes it an understatement to call this place a park! If there is one place to be not missed on a visit to San Diego, Balboa Park yog qhov chaw nyiam tshaj plaws ntawm lub nroog.

SeaPort Zos

Situated adjacent to San Diego Bay in Downtown, Seaport Village is a unique harbourside shopping and dining experience. With souvenir shops, restaurants and art galleries located by the waterfront, this vibrant place is also specifically known for a carousel made with hand carved animals which was built in 1895.

Qhov no yog ib qhov chaw zoo tshaj plaws nyob ib puag ncig txoj kev noj mov nrog kev pom zoo ntawm tus ntug hiav txwv nyob ib sab.

Ltalis me

Ltalis me Me Ltalis, San Diego qhov kev lag luam qub tshaj plaws hauv zej zog

Known to be one of the oldest and most iconic city neighbourhoods, today Little Italy is San Diego's most pedestrian-friendly area, with everything from upscale boutiques, shops, music venues, European style piazzas and restaurants set up by some of the top chefs in the world.

Qhov chaw no yog qhov tseeb ua noj hotspot ntawm San Diego, with an added charm of sophisticated galleries and chic surroundings. Filled with dramatic fountains, ponds, Italian markets and hosting occasional festivals, visit this place in San Diego for a top culinary experience.

Known to be the second largest island of Hawaii, the island of Maui is also called The Valley Isle. The island is loved for its pristine beaches, national parks and one of the best places to get a glimpse of Hawaiian culture. Learn about Yuav tsum Pom Cov Chaw hauv Maui, Hawaii

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park

Sunset Cliffs Natural Park Sunset Cliffs yog ib lub zej zog nyob ntug hiav txwv muaj txiaj ntsig hauv Point Loma zej zog ntawm San Diego

A natural expanse stretching around the Pacific Ocean, this could be one of the places to escape the crowded side of the city. The cliffs are more popular for watching the ocean and the sunset, but the raw nature of the slopes is often considered dangerous for walking. With the cliffs located just adjacent to the ocean and a commercial street nearby, the chaw ua si tshwj xeeb tau txiav txim siab los siv sijhawm nyob hauv nws qhov kev pom hnub poob zoo nkauj.

Tsev khaws puav pheej USS Midway

Tsev khaws puav pheej USS Midway Tsev khaws puav pheej USS Midway yog keeb kwm keeb kwm kev tsav dav hlau nqa nkoj

Nyob hauv plawv nroog San Diego, ntawm Navy Pier, lub tsev khaws puav pheej yog keeb kwm naval dav hlau thauj khoom nrog rau kev sau dav hlau dav hlau, ntau yam uas tau tsim hauv California. Lub tsev khaws puav pheej ntab ntawm lub nroog no tsis yog tsuas yog muaj cov tub rog dav hlau dav hlau ua cov khoom pov thawj tab sis kuj muaj ntau yam khoom pov thawj ntawm lub neej hauv hiav txwv thiab tsev neeg cov yeeb yam.

USS Midway kuj tseem yog Asmeskas lub dav hlau ua haujlwm ntev tshaj plaws ntawm lub xyoo pua 20th thiab niaj hnub no lub tsev cia puav pheej muab qhov pom zoo ntawm lub tebchaws keeb kwm naval.

Maritime Tsev khaws puav pheej hauv San Diego

Tsim tawm hauv 1948, tus tsev khaws puav pheej muaj kev sau ntau tshaj plaws ntawm cov nkoj hiav txwv vintage hauv txhua lub tebchaws Meskas. The museum hosts several restored vintage ships, with the place's centerpiece being named as the Lub Hnub Qub Ntawm Is Nrias teb, an 1863 iron sailing ship. Among many other historic attractions, one is an accurate replica of the flagship of the first European explorer to set foot in California, Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo's San Salvador, uas tau tsim tsa thaum xyoo 2011.

Cabrillo National Monument

Cabrillo National Monument Cabrillo National Monument nco txog kev tsaws ntawm Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo ntawm San Diego Bay xyoo 1542

Nyob rau sab qab teb ntsis ntawm Point Loma ceg av qab teb hauv San Diego, lub monument was built to commemorate the landing of the first European expedition in the West Coast of the United States . The expedition was carried by the European explorer Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. Stating a fact of great interest, it is the same time when California was sighted for the first time in 1542 by the European explorer Cabrillo on his voyage from Mexico. This historic city monument houses a lighthouse and the good views stretching all the way to Mexico.

Known as the the cultural, commercial and financial center of California, San Francisco is home to America’s many picture-worthy locations. Learn about Yuav tsum Saib Cov Chaw hauv San Francisco

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