How Can I Submit an ESTA Application for a Group?

Updated on Dec 16, 2023 | Online US Visa

This article covers the basics of ESTA as well as how to submit ESTA applications collectively. Families and large travel groups can save time by submitting a group ESTA application, which also makes management and oversight simpler. It can be a simple process if you adhere to the instructions provided in this article and have all the necessary paperwork.

Why do I need an ESTA application and what does it mean?

Before entering the US, eligible foreign nationals with passports from Visa Waiver Program (VWP) nations must submit an online form called the ESTA application. It must be submitted at least 72 hours before departure. 

An ESTA is granted following approval for a period of two years or until the applicant's passport expires, whichever occurs first. All visitors who use the Visa Waiver Program to enter the US for business, tourism, or transit must have an ESTA.

Basic biographical data is gathered in the application, along with inquiries about eligibility for the Visa Waiver Program. Additionally, questions are raised regarding any prior denials of entry to the US, criminal histories, and communicable diseases. 

Travelers can speed up entrance into the US by completing the ESTA application.

How can I apply for a group ESTA on my friends' or my family's behalf?

You have the choice to submit ESTA applications for several people at once. The Group Contact Person's profile should be created first. The family name, given name, birthdate, and email address of the group contact person are required.

They will then be able to oversee a group of applications and add new ones, including one for themselves, to the group. The application for the entire group can be submitted once the Group Contact Person has finished completing the forms for each traveller in their group. Furthermore, the full group's payment can be made in a single debit or credit card transaction.

What are the advantages of filing a group ESTA application as opposed to individual ones for each person?

It is typically best to file a single ESTA application on behalf of the group when traveling to the US with many people. Compared to filing separate individual applications, this provides various benefits.

It saves time, for starters. It is crucial that each member of the group satisfies the admission requirements under the VWP. Finally, by requesting a group ESTA, you may be certain that everyone traveling with you can enter the country without the need for a visa.

How long does it take to process a group ESTA application? When will I learn the outcome?

Once all group applications have been received, we typically process them completely and make a decision within 72 hours. The decisions will be communicated by email to the Group Contact Person and to each member of the group individually.

Please be aware that we may decide differently for some group members than for others (for example, if one member has a criminal history). In this situation, the member might have to submit a visa application rather than an ESTA. You can get in touch with our Customer Service if you have any inquiries concerning the application procedure.

What if a member of the group is turned down?

There are a few options available if an ESTA application is declined. Resubmitting an ESTA application is the first choice. You can be qualified for approval on your second attempt if you think the basis for your denial was incorrect or if your situation has changed.

A different choice is to apply for a visa at the US embassy or consulate in your country of residence. Although it can take longer and cost more money, this alternative will still let you enter the country even if an ESTA was rejected.

Will it have an effect on the other candidates if one of the group is rejected?

Two choices are available when requesting an ESTA: requesting an individual ESTA or submitting a group application. 

  • If a passenger is rejected in either scenario, they will be informed by email of the verdict. 
  • If one traveler in a group application is rejected, the other ESTA applicants in the group will not be affected.


Although there are some risks involved in requesting a group ESTA rather than one for each individual, as long as you're aware of these risks, you shouldn't have any trouble receiving final decisions and ESTA approvals, ideally in time for your travel to the United States.

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