Top Haunted Locations in the USA

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USA happens to harbour a tonne of spooky locations for horror enthusiasts to explore. Here are a few known spooky tourist destinations in the USA you cannot afford to let go of.

Tour and travel gain a different momentum when it comes to visiting a spooky location; a location that has stories to tell. We are all suddenly inquisitive to learn about the other world, the forbidden realm attracts us all. All the make-believe folklores and legendary ghost personalities start to look like absolute truths. It is especially thrilling for youngsters to visit ‘cursed' and ‘unholy' places to drop a how-do-you-do to all the sulking spirits. It isn't surprising that the 

To listen and be in a place that is known to serve your supernatural interests is a delight of its own. While visiting tourist locales is indeed a thrill of its own, dropping by at a spooky location is a different kind of adrenaline rush. It is this adrenaline rush that they often showcase in horror films where a group of teenagers go on an adventure quest for fun's sake, and it all begins from there!

If you too are in the mood to expand your boundaries of exploration and undertake some otherworldly adventure, an adventure you might remember for the rest of your life, you might want to have a sneak peek at the list we have curated especially for you.

Texas, USA

Talking about the top haunted places in the USA, Texas indefinitely tops the list. There's a reason why Texas Chainsaw Massacre took place here and later got showcased as a film too. There's another exciting thing about this place and that is the world-famous Marfa lights. It is these mysterious unexplained lights that further attract tourists to this place. There's no explanation for these lights as of now and the first sighting took place in the 19th century.

If you remember what happened at Alamo, you are not the only one who remembers it. Apparently, there is a battalion of ghosts who remember the place very well too. Why not? After all one of the scariest dehumanizing battles in America took place on the grounds of the Alamo. If you happen to be around Texas on your travel tour, make sure you drop by to say a how-do-you-do to the ones who have forgotten to transcend to their respective realms.

The most haunted hotel in Texas is Driskill Hotel which still entraps its maker because it was quite an intimate relationship they shared.  He is still known to haunt the alleys of the hotel along with his little companion, a four-year-old girl who fell to her death from the high stairs of the hotel's staircase.

Ohio, USA

Another place that is bound to spook the life out of you is the city of Ohio, ranking second on the list of spookiness. If you haven't heard about this before, know it now that the Twin City Opera House harbours silent whispers behind its curtains. If you ever visit the Opera House, know that the music is simply not coming from the stage, perhaps someone sings from behind the curtains too.

If this was not enough, the Mansfield Ohio State Reformatory is the hub for regular ghost hunts and it was also portrayed as the setting in the film The Shawshank Redemption.

The Museum at the Friends Home is known to acknowledge and portray the ghostly sightings, flying objects, shrill screams and whispers, flickering candles and what not through Ghostly History Walking Tours which explains why the situation of the place is such. 

To make your stay at this location even more thrilling, you can choose to lodge at Newbury's Punderson Manor which otherwise looks quite comfortable and welcoming built as an estate in the 19th century but has been known to be a hotspot for otherworldly appearances and investigators are clueless of the paranormal activities that take place there. If you are out with your fam, this place is indeed full of adventures.

Illinois, USA

The reason why Illinois occurs at the top of this list is because of the mysterious and shocking incidents that surfaced in Prairie State. If you are in the mood for a road trip and are also considering some bonus adventure that comes with it, you should surely drive down to this haunted route in South Springfield known by the name ‘Bloods Point Cemetery' located close to Rockford and then maybe head further south to the spectacularly haunted Cahokia Mounds. Given this place is a cemetery, not much needs to be explained on what you may or may not encounter.

It sure would be a daring task to perform and it is recommended you go with a group or best with a guide for your tour (unless you are feeling like an absolute daredevil).  

If you are planning to stay, you can choose to reside at Al Capone's haunted hotel called Congress Plaza Hotel. This hotel is haunted by the spirits of some of the most disturbing ghosts you might have ever known. The staffs of this hotel who work late night shifts narrate the tale of a 6-year-old boy who got thrown out of the window of the twelfth floor by his mother.

The ghost of the boy is perhaps still trauma-stricken and continues to live within the corridors of the hotel. There's another mysterious story of room 441 which suggests that there is a female ghost who kicks out the guests from their bed, late at night. If not scary that is definitely fun to hear.

California, USA

There are primarily two things for which California is famous and that is, superstars and supernatural phenomenon, and the hub for these two specialities is Eureka Fort Humboldt State, Historic Park. This place is common for hiking and many of the regular hikers who usually traverse to this place have complained of the ghost of a dead commander residing within the hospital and staring at them through the broken windows. Even to listen and register this feels scary and sends chills down our spine. If you have possess god-level guts, you can surely go and check out the place.

While Los Angeles is famously known as the ‘city of Angels' it is for sure infamously known as the ‘city of ghosts'. It is not known by many but the glittering Hollywood hotel Roosevelt still shows glimpses of the dead Marilyn Monroe and actor Montgomerie, occasionally pay their due visit to the iconic place.

Michigan, USA

Looking for tales of creepy dead sailors pretending to be alive? Michigan has got you covered. Starting from the hauntings of Detroit's Michigan Central Station - known to harbour spooky tales of ghost sightings and organising events on the same - to the ghostly encounters at Michigan's unguarded lighthouses, all of these references will only make sense if you travel to the city and witness(?) things with your own eyes.

The place is rife with spooky tales to keep you on your knees at all times. There is a streak of islands near lake Michigan of which South Manitou Island is known for its beautiful dunes and also for the beautiful dead sailors that inhabit the region. Legend has it these wayward sailors were buried alive in ancient times probably due to mistakes committed in their clan. If this wasn't enough, Mackinac's Island Grand Hotel's porch (known to be the longest in the world) is home to some of the most disturbing spirits.

If you happen to be there, your eyes might fall upon the silhouette of a man wearing a top hat, swiftly playing the piano in one of the windows of the hotel. There are also stories of a Victorian female ghost very elegantly getting down the stairs of the hotel. Do not forget to drop a hello!

Indiana, USA

You might have heard of spirits of humans lurking around the corners of the world but have you heard of the spirit of a dog haunting a place? Well, if you have not, then brace yourself for the Indiana University Campus in Bloomington. The campus is laced with the scary spirits of the undead, sprawling around from the Career Centre - known for the shrill cries of babies at ungodly hours- to the Indiana Memorial Union which is known to harbour the lost spirit of a dog. Students have often complained of seeing spectres and silhouettes around the campus and prefer to not roam about at night. 

You can choose to visit this place for a thrilling rollercoaster ride down the spooky lanes. If you are here, you can stay at one of the most haunted hotels of the place called the French Lick Springs Hotel. The weird part is that the hotel is haunted by its own founder who forgot to leave after death. He is still found enjoying the mineral springs present on the campus of the hotel. Sometimes, he is also spotted orchestrating a ball in an empty ballroom late at night. If you find him doing so, just join the ball maybe and give the old man company?

Oklahoma, USA

If you have the desire to see haunted military forts harbouring the wayward spirits of soldiers who succumbed to death on the battlefield, Oklahoma is your place. Adding to this thrill, rumours suggest that people have also spotted footprints of Big Foot on several parts of the state. Some even hint at seeing a demon-like creature lurking around the region who is now referred to as 'Zozo'. If you happen to visit Oklahoma, do not forget the spookiest city of the region called Guthrie. 

There is not one, not two, not three, but 8 confirmed haunted locations in the town beginning from the Stone Lion Inn - haunted by the spirit of an 8-year-old girl - to the Blue Time known to be a regular visiting place of the former Madame and few of her clients. 

To make this further scary, there is a hotel called The Skirvin Hilton Hotel which is known to contain some of the very angry spirits of all times. So much so that these spirits caused basketball teams like Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks to lose their match. Just to be safe, do not get sporty at this hotel, the spirits here clearly detest sports!

Pennsylvania, USA

Pennsylvania Pennsylvania

Considering the number of terrifying tales this place harbours, it would be more suitable to refer to it as “Paranormal Pennsylvania.” The terrifying tales begin from the Eastern State Penitentiary which identifies its checkered past with organised tours taking place during the day or at night. It is referred to as Hell's Hollow Wildlife Adventure Trail, as the name suggests the journey is for sure a teasing trip to Satan's hell.

There are tour guides assigned to take care of you through the journey. While the deadly Civil War battle was on, approximately 50,000 men succumbed to death at Gettysburg. These tragic deaths are reason enough why Gettysburg is known to be one of the ghostliest spots in the state, if not entire America. You might hear from the locals the takes of the spirits who still loom here on one of the famous Ghostly Images of Gettysburg Tours. 

There are also incidents of people complaining about seeing a nurse walk down the hallway of Gettysburg hotel. If this was not enough, the Logan Inn situated in the happening town of New Hope is home sweet home to creepy spectres since the year 1722.  The most horrifying of all is room number 6. The room is known to smell of lavender scented perfume which is worn by the mother of the earlier owner of the hotel. People complain that sometimes you can hear her wailing at night.

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