Tourist Guide to Best Cultural Events in Miami, Florida

Updated on Dec 13, 2023 | Online US Visa

A mingling of the best cultural, financial, and economic centres in the heart of South Florida, Miami is a city that you simply cannot miss out on, on your next trip to the US. Blessed with a tropical monsoon climate that keeps the city cool and inviting all throughout the year, Miami is a haven for arts, commerce, entertainment, culture, and international trade.

If you wish to visit Miami in December, you will not be met with an icy-cold winter. The cold winds of winter arrive only after the cold front has passed away, leaving behind a moderate chill. The best season to plan your vacation in Miami, there is no dearth of festivals, concerts, and beach parties hosted during the wonderful winter climate. In addition to that, the buildings in Miami have been built following a south Florida style, which means you will be embraced by a pleasing atmosphere when you return to your hotel after a long day of attending fun festivals. But what are the best festivals to attend in Miami during winter? Keep reading to find out!

Three Points Music, Art, And Technology Festival

A three-day festival that has been held in Miami for the last eight years, the Three Points Music, Art, And Technology Festival hosts numerous shows that fall in the arena of fashion, art, and culture. With a different theme selected for each show, the festival is held with an objective to be enjoyed thoroughly by both the local community as well as international tourists. Here you will be offered a lineup of experiential technology, large-scale art installations, and cutting-edge talent. If you want to make your winter vacation in Miami loaded with a dose of culture and fun, make sure to include the Three Points Music, Art, And Technology Festival in your travel itinerary!

Where is it held - At the Mana Wynwood Convention Center.

When is it held - From October 22 to 23, 2022.

South Beach Wine and Food Festival

Still unsure about what are the best activities to include in your winter holiday in Miami? The answer lies in this Wine and Food Festival! One of the biggest and most widely known food festivals in the US, at this Floridan extravaganza, you will witness a gathering of celebrity chefs and foodies who come together to celebrate the diversity of food and wine in Miami. More than 450 chefs, winemakers, and famous personalities in the culinary world come together in this festival that is hosted by more than 1200 student volunteers. Hosted on the beautiful beaches of Miami, the South Beach Wine and Food Festival attracts tourists from all around the globe who come to celebrate the greatness of good food and wine!

Where is it held - South Beach.

When is it held - From February 24 to 27, 2022.

Miami International Boat Show

If you want to do something that is a little different from the mainstream events and festivals, then you need to visit the Miami International Boat Show - one of the most hyped celebrations in the city that is famous far and wide. Hosted by the National Marine Manufacturers Association at the renowned Miami marine stadium, it goes on for a span of five days, and the venue in itself holds quite a bit of historic relevance. Thus make sure to add the Miami international boat show as a must-visit in your next visit to Miami in winter!

Where is it held - Miami Beach.

When is it held - From 16 Feb to 20 Feb 2022.

Wigwood Festival

A festival to celebrate the diversity of the LGBTQ community, the Wigwood Festival is a festival of queers which can be visited and enjoyed by just anyone and everyone! Held for a span of three days, here you will witness various kinds of shows that are put up by queer people. This music and arts festival won the Best Festival by the Miami New Times in 2018. Full of light, glamour, glitter, and extravaganza, feel free to walk around, interact, and enjoy with the diverse people of the queer community!

Where is it held - Numerous Locations in Miami.

When is it held - From February 5 to 7, 2022.

Coconut Grove Art Festival

Another wide renowned festival that is hosted for a period of three days in winter in the city of Miami, the Coconut Grove Art Festival is a festival that can be enjoyed both with family, as well as with your bunch of friends! A festival that can be enjoyed with just each and every kind of individual, the Coconut Grove Art Festival will offer you various kinds of mouthwatering local food that is filled with the overwhelming taste of coconuts. However, if you are not a fan of coconuts, you will not be missing out on anything - they provide a huge platter of continental food items as well!

Where is it held - Bayshore Drive in Miami.

When is it held - From February 19 to February 21, 2022.

Calle Ocho Festival

A magnificent festival that is hosted in a total of eight stages, at the Calle Ocho Festival you will be a part of various programs such as street fairs, live performances, and so much more! Each year the festival witnesses the gathering of a large number of both international as well as local visitors, in the Calle Ocho Festival you are guaranteed a gala time. Held in the month of March in Little Havana, a beautiful and friendly neighbourhood in the heart of Miami, the vibrant festival lies between SW 8th street and 27th Avenue. One of the largest festivals in the world, the Calle Ocho Festival is a must for every festival lover to visit!

Where is it held - Little Havana, Miami.

When is it held - On Mar 13, 2022.

Gay8 Festival

Being held in the city of Miami for the last four years, the Gay8 Festival is a one-day celebration that attracts a huge number of visitors from all over the world every year. Filled with glamorous shows and colourful programs, the Gay8 Festival is a celebration that is dedicated to the people who belong to the LGBTQ community. One of the most prominent festivals that are celebrated in Miami during the winter months, if you enjoy being a part of it, you are absolutely going to love the Beach Pride in Miami, celebrated in April.

Where is it held - Southwest 8th Street, Little Havana.

When is it held - Sunday after Valentine’s day.

Art Deco Weekend

A celebration of the world-class designs and architectural styles of Miami, the Art Deco Weekend is hosted in Miami every winter. Here you will find an extravaganza of different kinds of events such as live music performances, art exhibitions, fashion shows, and a series of engaging lectures. The event is organized in the Miami Beach Architectural District, a significant spot on the Miami beach that holds a big share of cultural significance since it is the place where the world-renowned fashion designer from Italy, Gianni Versace had his residence in.

Where is it held - Ocean drive.

When is it held - From 14th January to 16th January 2022.

Miami Half Marathon

One of the most popular racing events that are held in the USA, the Miami Half Marathon has been hosted successfully in the city for the last seventeen years. If you do not want to take part as a runner in the marathon, you can simply join as a supporter, and have equal fun! The sporting event that is known all around the world, the Miami Half Marathon also falls amongst the most rapidly growing marathons in the US. Some of the world’s best runners come to Miami just to participate in this event.

Where is it held - The marathon starts at American Airlines Arena.

When is it held -  6 February 2022.

If you are thinking of having a winter vacation soon to rejuvenate your senses, Miami will offer you some of the most fun activities that will give you a grandiose of culture. So bring together all your favorite traveling buddies and head out to have a great vacation amidst the vibrant atmosphere of Miami!

Night Garden

Night Garden

A bewitching botanical garden that is gracefully filled with wonderful and rare trees, dandelion flower fields, and scavenger hunts, at the Night Garden you will witness many more varieties of plants that are definitely worth a visit, whether you are a nature enthusiast or not. Particularly beautifully lit and decorated in the Christmas months, here you will be offered a fascinating time amidst the lap of nature. This gorgeous night garden brings to life during the winters with stunning illumination, great surprises for families, and spectacular special effects. Take a break from your hefty city life, and enjoy peaceful and leisure time at the stunning Night Garden in winter!

Where is it held - Old Cutler Road, Miami.

When is it held - From Nov 12, 2021, to Jan 2, 2022.

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