Kinahanglan Makita ang mga Dapit sa New York, USA

Ang usa ka lungsod nga nagadan-ag sa kadasig sa matag oras sa adlaw, wala Ang listahan which could tell you what places to visit in New York among its many unique attractions. Nevertheless, these well renowned and city’s most favourite places are mostly never skipped on a visit to New York city.

A city where every new turn might take you to some state of the art monument, museum, gallery or simply a place which might be the first of its kind in the world, New York is so synonymous with America that it becomes only obvious to visit it on a trip to the United States. And with all that the city has to offer, it is so worth it!

Read along to explore some of the must see places in New York and maybe, try to find your favourite of all, if choosing one among many is possible at all!

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Pagtukod sa estado sa Imperyo

Pagtukod sa estado sa Imperyo Ang pagtukod sa estado sa Empire, ang ngalan niini gikuha gikan sa Ang Estado sa Imperyo Angga sa New York

Sa higayon nga ang labing kataas nga bilding sa ika-20 nga siglo, ang Empire State Building mao ang Labing kaila nga istruktura sa New York. The 102 stories skyscraper is one of the best examples of modernist art-deco architecture style found in many modern buildings around the world. This world’s most famous skyscraper, with exhibits and observatories on several of its floors, is one must see attraction of New York.

Central park, NYC

Central park Gibanabana nga 42 milyon nga mga tawo ang mobisita sa Central Park matag tuig

Located in New York's favourite part, between the Upper East and West Side of Manhattan, the Central Park is also among some of the city’s largest park’s. Now what could be so good about an urban park located amidst one of the world's busiest cities?

The park is regarded as a benchmark for urban parks around the world, presenting an example of an extraordinary landscape architecture. In this 840 ka ektarya nga berde ug tanaman, with presence of every scenic element of nature, right from landscapes, reservoirs to wide walking trails amidst huge trees, this is New York’s very own backyard.

Ang Seattle bantog sa lainlain nga pagsagol sa kultura, industriya sa tech, orihinal nga Starbucks, kultura sa kape sa syudad ug daghan pa Kinahanglan Makita ang mga Dapit sa Seattle, USA

Times Square

Times Square Ang Times Square, usa ka punoan nga atraksyon sa mga turista nga hayag nga gidan-agan sa daghang mga billboard

A major entertainment center and tourist destination in Midtown Manhattan, Times Square is the world's busiest centers, a locus of the world entertainment industry. The center of America's commercial and entertainment world, this place houses some of the must see attractions in the city , one of them being the Madame Tussauds New York, apparently the world's largest wax museum.

Nailhan alang niini Mga Broadway show sa distrito sa Theater, bright lights and tons of shopping stores, this is probably the bahin sa New York nga dili gyud makatulog! Times Square is clearly the world’s most visited attraction for all the good reasons.

Parke ang Brooklyn Bridge Park

Parke ang Brooklyn Bridge Park Ang Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier nagtanyag daghang mga panan-aw sa syudad sa New York

This urban oasis in New York features great landscapes and views of the East River of New York. The waterfront park is located right under the Brooklyn Bridge itself. The park operates free of cost and is open 365 days of the year.

Kini nga dapit nagtanyag sa labing kaayo nga paagi aron masinati ang naandan nga adlaw sa New York, from exploring sports grounds, family friendly picnics spots to observing the good green surroundings and nature. And all of this right in the middle of one of the biggest cities of America!

Ang City of Angles nga mao ang pinuy-anan sa Hollywood nag-awhag sa mga turista nga adunay mga landmark sama sa Walk of Fame nga napuno sa bituon. Pagkat-on mahitungod sa Kinahanglan makita ang mga lugar sa Los Angeles

Statue of Liberty National Monument

Statue of Liberty National Monument Statue of Liberty (Kagawasan nga Naglamdag sa Kalibutan)

A landmark monument of New York, Statue of Liberty is one attraction of New York which does not need any elaboration. Located on the city’s Liberty Island, this iconic monument is America's foremost recognised monument globally.

As a matter of fact, the statue was gifted to the United States by France, as a mark of friendship. And just for an enlightening fact, the monument is known to represent the Romano nga Diosa nga si Libertas, nga nagpersonipikar sa kagawasan. A symbol of American identity and hope for millions of immigrants stepping in the country for the first time, no one needs to remind you to visit this iconic sculpture on a trip to New York.

Merkado sa Chelsea

Located in the city’s Chelsea neighbourhood of Manhattan, Chelsea Market is a food and retail plaza with a global perspective. Considering the fact that this place was the place of invention of Oreo cookies loved world over, with a wide range of groceries, eateries and shops housed in its indoor marketplace today, this place is a must to include in any New York City itinerary.

Ang Baterya

Ang Baterya Kaniadto nailhan nga Battery Park adunay sulud nga daghang mga terminal sa lantsa

This 25 acre park located on the southern tip of Manhattan, comes with great views of New York Harbour from one side, and the quite natural surroundings on the other side. Unlike the other busy tourist spaces, Ang Battery Park usa ka pinakahilum nga lugar sa New York, with plenty of green spaces and beautiful harbour views making it a good place to stop by and take in the maayong panoramic view sa syudad sa New York.

Bryant park

Bryant park Ang Bryant Park, usa ka hinigugma nga destinasyon sa New York City nga adunay labaw sa 1000 nga libre nga mga kalihokan

Usa ka tuig nga padulnganan sa New York, Labing gihigugma ang Bryant Park alang sa mga tag-iya sa tanaman, lugar sa kalingawan alang sa mga turista ug mga trabahante sa opisina skating sa tingtugnaw, ting-init nga gabii libre nga mga sine and so much more, making it Manhattan's most favorite area for leisure activities.

With popular food kiosks, cafes and the NY Public Library at a close distance, this could be a good place to relax when tired from exploring many monuments and museums in Manhattan's neighbourhood.

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