Correction of Errors on US Visa Online Application

Updated on Feb 20, 2024 | Online US Visa

This article goes over some of the typical problems that ESTA candidates run into when they discover an error on their paperwork.

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My ESTA application has an error. How do I correct it?

A: The website will let you evaluate everything and correct any mistakes you may have made before you submit the application form. All the information you supplied can be changed before completing your ESTA application, with the exception of the following fields:

Date of birth, citizenship, and country of passport issuance, as well as your passport number

Unfortunately, you will have to submit a new application if your biographical or passport information is incorrect. Additionally, the applicable charge must be paid for each new application that is submitted.

Other fields can all be altered or changed. Look for and select the "Check ESTA Status" link before selecting "Check Individual Status." Contact us via mail if you find a mistake when answering any of the eligibility questions.

After submitting my ESTA application, how can I correct a mistake I made in the passport expiration or issuance date?

A: You can modify the Passport Expiration Date and the Passport Issuance Date as long as the application fee hasn't been paid.

Unfortunately, you will need to submit a new ESTA application if you have already paid for the application and then discover that you entered the Passport Expiration Date or Passport Issuance Date incorrectly. The prior application will be rejected, and you will need to reapply and pay the applicable price.


Did you know that if you are planning to travel to the United States then you might be eligible to visit the country under its Visa Waiver Program (America Visa Online) which would enable travel to any region of the United States without requiring a non-immigrant visa.

How can a candidate change the details on their ESTA application?

A: You can change any of the data fields before submitting your ESTA application. However, when the authorities have accepted your application, you can only change the following fields:

- Address in the USA

- An e-mail address (Please note that if you want to change the email address you initially submitted, you will have to verify the updated email address)

What should I do if my passport has expired or my personal information has changed?

Important ESTA Update: If you applied for or received a new passport, or if your passport information has changed, remember to update your ESTA travel authorization by submitting a new application and paying the required fee. This ensures your eligibility for visa-free travel to the US.

How do I finish an ESTA application that I started but did not finish?

A: Visit the ESTA homepage and search for the link labeled "Continue Existing Application." After clicking there, select "Individual Application." The unfinished application must then be retrieved by entering your application number, date of birth, and passport number or your application number, passport number, passport expiration date, and the country of citizenship. You can continue to fill in the application data once you can see the half-finished version on your screen.

My ESTA has not been authorized. What conditions will need me to reapply?

A: If any of the following situations is the issue, you could need to submit an application for a new ESTA.

– You have a new name

- You now have a new passport, and 

- since the initial ESTA was obtained, you have acquired citizenship in a new nation. 

Any questions on the ESTA application form to which you previously provided a "yes" or "no" response are no longer applicable.

An ESTA travel permit typically lasts for two (2) years, or until the expiration of your passport, whichever comes first. The validity date will also be given when your ESTA application is approved. You must submit a fresh ESTA application the moment your passport or your authorized ESTA authorization expires.

Please be aware that each time you submit an ESTA application, the appropriate charge must be paid.


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Wait 24 hours before submitting a fresh application if you mistakenly filled out the first question's first field with the incorrect information. You must contact US Customs and Border Patrol or the ESTA technical support team through email if you find an error on any of the questions between 2 and 9.

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