Hai que ver lugares en Seattle, Estados Unidos

Considered as one of the favourite cities in America, Seattle is famous for its diverse cultural mix, tech industry, original Starbucks, city’s coffee culture and much more.

The largest city of Washington state, this place offers a great blend of urban life amidst nature retreats, forests and parklands. With great diversity within one of America's most attractive settlements, besides the neighbouring mountains, forests and miles long parkland, Seattle is definitely more than just a regular metropolitan city of the U.S. Read along to know more about some of the best places to see when on a visit to Seattle.

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Agulla Espacial

Space Needle foi designado un fito de Seattle

Built as an exhibit for the World's Fair in 1962, this tower is the city’s icon. The top of the tower has an observation deck and ‘The Loupe’ featuring a revolving glass floor.

Alcumado como o Marabilla de 400 días, with the tower being actually built in record-breaking 400 days, this building in Seattle is also the world's first with a rotating glass floor, A lupa, offering views of Seattle and far beyond. The top of the tower is one of the best places to soak up the panoramic views at sunset in the city’s landmark location.

Agulla Espacial

Seattle Art Museum (tamén coñecido como SAM)

Museo de Arte de Seattle SAM é o centro de artes e visuales de clase mundial no noroeste do Pacífico

Un locus de artes visuais de clase mundial no noroeste do Pacífico, co museo coleccións máis importantes Ata a data incluír obras de artistas famosos como Mark Tobey Van Gogh.

The museum is spread in three locations, the main museum in downtown Seattle, Seattle Asian art museum and the Olympic Sculpture Park, hosts special exhibitions from around the world offering a blend of culture from different centuries.

O museo está situado preto A parede da goma, another local landmark, which just as it sounds, is a wall covered in used chewing gum, which by no surprise is one of the city's unique and curious attractions.

Museo do Pop e a Cultura (MoPOP)

Museo do Pop e a Cultura Museo do Pop e a Cultura ou MoPop, un destino diferente a calquera outro

Dedicated to contemporary pop culture, this museum is one creative expression of ideas in pop culture and rock music. The museum showcases some of the most significant moments in pop music and popular culture with its iconic artifacts and exquisite exhibitions in the field of music, literature, art and television.

Este lugar co seu arquitectura colorida coma ningunha, is located just next to the city's iconic Space Needle. The museum, being inspirado en artistas lendarios da industria musical, includes items from icons ranging from Jimmy Hendrix to Bob Dylan. With its one of a kind exterior, this place was specifically designed to invoke a experiencia de rock 'n' roll.

Nova York é unha cidade con máis de oitenta museos e capital cultural dos Estados Unidos

Mercado de Pike Place

Mercado de Pike Place Pike Place Market existe desde 1907, tamén sede dos primeiros Starbucks do mundo

Un mercado público en Seattle, este lugar é un dos mercados de agricultores máis antigos dos Estados Unidos Pike Place Market é unha das atraccións turísticas máis visitadas de Seattle, e un dos lugares máis visitados do mundo.

There are several attractions within the market, one of them being the Market Heritage Center, a museum dedicated to the history of the market. The marketplace is also home to several local farmers from the area and is founded on the economic concept of ‘producers meeting the consumers’. This one of the city's most well known places has been also known for its street entertainers, besides the great and diverse dining options of various kinds.

Orixinal Starbucks

The Pike Place Starbucks store, located at 1912 Pike Place, commonly called the Original Starbucks, is the first Starbucks store, established in 1971 at Pike Place Market in downtown Seattle, Washington. The store still has its original and early appearance over time and is subject to design guidelines due to its historic significance.

Curiosidades de Seattle

A comedia de éxito romántico Sleepless en Seattle was shot primarily in Seattle. Seattle is notorious as a rain city and what could be more romantic than cozy and rainy nights. However, during the filing of Sleepless in Seattle, the city was going through a drought and filming most of the rain scenes meant bringing in water trucks.

Parque zoolóxico Woodland

A xardín zoolóxico con máis de 300 especies de animais salvaxes, this park has been the recipient of several awards in various conservation categories. The park is known to have created the world's first immersion exhibit, a naturalistic zoo environment which gives spectators a sense of being in the animal's habitat.

Tropical Asia, the park’s largest section hosts species from Asian jungles and grasslands, along with housing numerous other sections ranging from African savannah, species from Australasia to tropical rainforests of South America.

Chihuly Xardín E Vidro

Chihuly Xardín E Vidro Chihuly Garden And Glass, un dos maiores tesouros de Seattle

No amount of words can describe the vibrance of this place located within the Seattle center. Born from the vision of Dale Chihuly's idea of creating this out of the world piece of art, the garden is definitely an extraordinary example of blown glass sculpture, a truly unique work of craftsmanship.

The art pieces and sculptures in the garden in spectacular forms might just change the perspective of looking at the art of glassblowing. That being said, Chihuly Garden And Glass podería ser facilmente un dos únicos motivos para visitar Seattle.

A cidade dos ángulos, que alberga Hollywood, atrae aos turistas con lugares emblemáticos como o Paseo da Fama, con estrelas. Máis información Hai que ver lugares en Los Ángeles

Acuario de Seattle

Chihuly Xardín E Vidro O acuario alberga polbo e cabaliños de mar, tiburóns, nutrias, focas, todo tipo de peixes

Located by the Elliott Bay waterfront, the aquarium is home to hundreds of species and mammals. This place would specifically be of greater interest to those wanting to know about the sea life in the Pacific Northwest. Maybe not as glorious as the aquariums which can be found in other cities of the U.S, but Seattle Aquarium could still be worth a visit when on a trip to this city.

Given various things to explore in the neighbourhood as well as within the city’s boundaries, Seattle is ready to surprise anyone planning a visit.

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