Kuwongolera kwa Best Museum ku United States

If you are curious about knowing more about the past of the USA, then you should certainly pay a visit to the museums in various cities and gain more knowledge about their past existence.

Museum of Fine Art ku Houston

Museums are always a place of discovery, or let's say they put forth what has already been discovered or what has been left behind in the dust of time. When we visit a museum, it is not just history that we come in terms with, it is also some spectacular facts about civilization that comes to surface.

All across the world museums carry a history of their own. Every country, every city, every community, has museums which speak of their past in comparison to their present. Similarly, if you happen to visit the USA, you will certainly come across various famous museums that harbor secrets of ancient artifacts.

In this article below, we have curated a list of museums which have something very unique to offer, something more than just history, something more than artefacts. Have a look at the names of the museums and see if it is possible for you to check out these very cool places while on your USA tour.

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Museum of Fine Art

Art Institute ya Chicago

Art Institute ya Chicago Yakhazikitsidwa mu 1879, The Art Institute of Chicago

Art Institute of Chicago ili ndi zina mwazojambula zodziwika bwino za George Seurat's pointllist Lamlungu Masana pa Chilumba cha La Grande Jatte, Edward Hopper’s Nighthawks ndi Grant Wood American Gothic. The museum is not just an assembler of art, but also serves the purpose of a breathtaking restaurant Terzo Piano from where you can actually see the Chicago skyline and the Millennium Park. If you are not a very great fan of art and are not interested in the displays available at the museum, you can surely have a fun visit at ‘Fans of Ferris Bueller's Day Off’ and recreate all the iconic scenes from the alleys of the museum.

National WWII Museum ku New Orleans

National WWII Museum ku New Orleans Poyamba inkadziwika kuti National D-Day Museum, ndi nyumba yosungiramo zinthu zakale zankhondo

izi nyumba yosungiramo maekala asanu ndi limodzi was inaugurated in the year 2000, it speaks of the reminiscence and remains of WWII. It is situatedat the grounds of the factory which was prepared for the boats utilized during the bombings. Due to the wide stretch of the land, trains are used to commute to the ‘front’ of the museum. You will be able to witness the vintage planes and cars and trucks that were greatly in use during the war. You can also picture Tom Hanks narrating the 4-D film Beyond AllBoundaries and transformingthe space into a space thattalks only about wars.

On certain special occasions, you will also find war veterans paying a visit to the museum of their horrors, of their eroding memories, of themselves, and paying homage to what is left of them and wars. If you are curious to hear their experience, you can politely approach them and have your questions answered.

Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka The Met) ku New York City

Metropolitan Museum wa Art Metropolitan Museum of Art yaku New York City, yomwe imatchedwa "the Met", ndiye nyumba yosungiramo zinthu zakale kwambiri ku United States.

If you are an art fanatic and have greatly invested in the knowledge of several art forms that have taken birth and evolved since the times of Renaissance to modern date,then this museum is a heavenly visit for your eyes. The Metropolitan Museum of Art located in the heart of the New York city is known to Harbour the celebrated works of artists such as Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Renoir, Wa gasi, Ndalama, Maneti, Picasso zambiri zofananira.

It is almost crazy that a museum canharbour more than 2 million pieces of art that extend up to 2 million square feet and perhaps more on the walls. If you also happen to be an Alfred Hitchcock fan and have watched his seminal film ‘Psycho’, then you have a little surprise waiting for you at the ‘Bates Mansion’. Visit the museum for yourself and find out what is hidden behind the walls of such extravagant art.

A city with more than eighty museums, with some dating as far back as the 19th century, a look of these wonderful masterpieces in the cultural capital of the United States. Learn about them in Muyenera Kuwona Nyumba Zakale za Art & History ku New York

Museum of Fine Art, Houston (aka MFAH)

Museum of Fine Art MFAH ndi imodzi mwa nyumba zosungiramo zinthu zakale zazikulu kwambiri ku United States, komanso ya 12th yayikulu kwambiri padziko lonse lapansi ndi malo osungiramo zinthu zakale.

The Museum of Fine Arts at Houston is a fine exampleof the amalgamation of the past and the present. Here you will find art pieces that are as old as six thousand years and beside them you will also find paintings and sculptures that have recently been touched by time, starting from the wall decorations of classical East Asian paintings to the modern work of the artist Kandinsky. The Museum is encircled by a beautifully maintained expansive garden which also displays some of the fine sculptures that are too huge to be kept inside the museum.

Imagine what a break it would be to walk in a garden surrounded by sculptures that are as old as time. It is almost like transgressing the boundary of time and leaping into the past. One very interesting thing about this museum that has been the reason for major tourist attraction is that there is a lighted tunnel which helps you to walk through from one building to another . How often has it been that you can not only view a piece of art but also go through it in literal terms. The tunnel is brightly lit and hardly anything can be understood structurally. The walk from one building to another is almost hallucinatory.

Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA)

Little Italy Nyumba yayikulu ya PMA idamalizidwa mu 1928 pa Fairmount

The Philadelphia Museum of Art is home to one of the greatest paintings from the European era. The movement/art form that was started by Picasso called cubism has been extensively followed and portrayed by artist Jean Metzinger. His painting Le Gouter is an exquisite piece of art exhibiting Picasso's concept of cubism. Another integral reason for the museum to garner attention from across America and beyond is that the place harbours zoposa 225000 ntchito zaluso, kuchipangitsa kukhala chitsanzo cha kunyada ndi ulemu wa Amereka.

The museum certainly throws light on the rich history of the nation and the excellence of artists that have been left behind in time. The collection at the Museum spans over a time period of centuries, is not that insane that centuries of works and paintings have been secured and kept in this museum with high regard? While mutha kupeza zojambula za Benjamin Franklin, mupezanso zojambula za Picasso, Van Gogh ndi Duchamp.

Asia Art Museum, San Francisco

Asia Art Museum Nyumbayi ndi imodzi mwazojambula zaluso zaku Asia padziko lonse lapansi

If you are done witnessing Eurocentricart and artists in the museums, you can invite a change in your view by visiting the Asian Museum in San Francisco which contains artefacts and sculptures that date back to the year 338. If you are inquisitive about the Asian culture, their history, their reading, their lives and the civilization that followed to the present date, you should totally visit the Asian museum and find out for yourself what the land of Asia has to offer to you. You will certainly find interesting paintings, sculptures, readings and informative descriptions from the past that will help you understand Asian history better and what place else than a museum which itself is evidence of the past times and is presented to you in its raw form.

Chimodzi mwa ziboliboli zakale kwambiri za Buddha kuyambira chaka cha 338 chikupezeka mu nyumba yosungiramo zinthu zakaleyi.. Although the structure is remarkably old, time does not seem to havegrown on the art piece. It still looks afresh from the outside, reflecting the excellence of the sculptor and the materials that went into it. If you didnot know already, in Hinduism people worship idols of Gods and Goddesses. In this museum in San Francisco, you will find paintings and sculptures of various Hindu deities preserved and kept safely for display. Not only that, but you will also find ceramics and various other art objects exhibiting Persian art.

Known as the the cultural, commercial and financial center of California, San Francisco is home to America’s many picture-worthy locations, with several places being synonymous as the image of the United States for the rest of the world. Learn about them in Muyenera Kuwona Malo ku San Francisco, USA

Salvador Dali Museum, St. Petersburg, Florida

Salvador Dali Museum Nyumba yosungiramo zojambulajambula ku Florida yoperekedwa ku ntchito za katswiri Salvador Dali

While the Legacy of Salvador Dali has remained mystic and surreal in its existence, even after his death the exhibition of his art collection takes place in a small beach town on the almost-remote West Coast of Florida, away from the hustle of mediocrity. We can assert that even in his death, his art refuses to share the same platform as other artists, his art proclaims its ground in a solitary territory where no one would expect to find them. This is Salvador Dali. Nyumba yosungiramo zinthu zakale yomwe idamangidwa pokumbukira komanso kukondwerera zaluso zake imatchedwa Salvador Dali Museum, Florida.

Most of the paintings present there were bought from a couple who were willing to sell the collection they possessed. If you look at the structure of the museum and the intricacies with which the photographs, the building, the designs, drawings, book illustrations and architecture have taken place to reflect nothing but the artist's genius. Out of all the art pieces which are bound to leave you dumbfounded, there is an art piece that was painted based on Dali's wife's fear of bullfighting. The painting has been painted in such a manner that even if you stand in front of it for one whole day, you will not be able to decipher what the painting suggests. Dali's art is nothing but an epitome of excellence. Something which cannot be quantified in words to reflect on the man's genius.

O, ndipo motsimikiza simungakwanitse kuphonya Foni ya Aphrodisiac, yomwe imadziwika kuti ndi Lobster Phone, yosiyana kwambiri ndi chidziŵitso cha mafoni amene tili nawo.

USS Midway Museum

USS Midway Museum USS Midway Museum ndi malo osungira zakale zonyamula ndege

Ku Downtown San Diego, ku Navy Pier, nyumba yosungiramo zinthu zakale ndiwonyamula ndege zankhondo zodziwika bwino ndi gulu lalikulu la ndege, zambiri zomwe zidamangidwa ku California. Nyumba yosungiramo zinthu zakale yoyandamayi ya mzindawu sikuti imakhala ndi ndege zambiri zankhondo monga ziwonetsero komanso imakhala ndi ziwonetsero zosiyanasiyana zapanyanja komanso ziwonetsero zokomera mabanja.

USS Midway inalinso ndege yonyamula ndege yayitali kwambiri ku America m'zaka za zana la 20 ndipo lero nyumba yosungiramo zinthu zakale imapereka chithunzithunzi chabwino cha mbiri yapamadzi ya dzikolo.

The Getty Center

The Getty Center Getty Center imadziwika bwino chifukwa cha kapangidwe kake, minda yake, ndi malingaliro ake oyang'ana ku LA

The museum which outstands other museums in terms of its extravagant display and well-crafted structure is The Getty Centre. The monument itself represents modern-day art, its circular structure, erected carefully by the legendary architect Richard Meier , is well-matched by 86 acres of Edenic gardens. The Gardens are open to visitors and it is a play where people generally take a stroll after witnessing the dazzling art forms inside.

Zojambulajambula ndi zojambulazo ndizojambula za ku Ulaya, zomwe zimachokera ku Renaissance kupita ku Post Modern Age.. The galleries are laced with skills of photography, various cultural art forms and much more. If you get excited at the sight of Van Gogh's art, this museum is the right place for you. Few of his celebrated pieces painted a year before his death is at display in this place.

In addition to Getty Center, Los Angeles aka City of Angles has many more attractions to offer. It is the biggest city in California and second biggest city in the United States, a hub of the country’s film and entertainment industry and home to HollyWood. Read about Muyenera Kuwona Malo ku Los Angeles, USA

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